Yes.  Sign me up for the CSA Sampler Share.

1) First decide if you want a weekly box, or every other week.




Summer CSA share  -  $580  





The Summer share will give you the best value, as well as the full spectrum of the CSA experience. 


A Summer share from Northern Harvest Farm includes:

  • 18 weekly boxes of organic vegetables from our farm (mid-June to mid-October).
  • The satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from, and that you are supporting a local family farm.
  • Flexibility with our "Vacation share" program (*see below for more information).
  • Access to the farm and the farmers.  Come out and see where your food is grown.
  • Access to our weekly email newsletter, which includes farm news, recipes, and more. 
  • Access to our private Facebook group.  Members will have the opportunity to learn from and share with other CSA members, as well as the farmers.  We will share ideas, recipes, photos and more.
  • The opportunity to attend our annual member pot-luck and farm tour in early September.

Every Other Week Summer Share - $320


Not sure you'll be able to utilize such a bounty?

Need more flexibility?

Then the every other week share may be your best option.


  • 9 boxes of organic vegetables from our farm (mid-June to mid-October).
  • Exactly the same benefits as the regular Summer share, but delivered every other week, rather than weekly.
  • For those of you who travel a lot, this is probably your best option.  *See details below about our "Vacation shares" program.
  • If you are new to CSA, this may be a good way to get started.  There can be a learning curve involved in eating "CSA style".  We will help you on this journey, but if you want to ease into it, the every other week share is probably the ticket.  

*What if I travel a lot?  Can I still get the full value of my share?  Yes.  With our Vacation share program, let us know ahead of time and we will not pack you a box while you are gone.  You can schedule your replacement box during any other week.  There is no limit to the number of vacation shares you are allowed.  This will make it easy to work around your travel schedule.

Would you like regular deliveries of fresh, local, organic produce? 

We thought so!

Please take a look at what we have to offer.


4) Lastly, are you interested in purchasing any bulk quantities of things such as tomatoes for canning?  We call these preserving shares.

There are a couple things to know about preserving shares.  They are not part of the CSA shares.  These are seperate transactions.  We bill you when we deliver them and do not take payment up front (as with the CSA and partner shares).  The other thing is that in any given year, they may or may not be available.  We plan for them, planting sufficient amounts of each given crop.  However, our top priority is always the CSA shares. So, for example, if we are not having a very good tomato year, we may well direct all the tomatoes that were planned for the preserving shares, into the CSA shares.  We apologize for any disappointments that may result from this, but want to be up front about it.



Tomato share - $80

40lb box of sun ripened tomatoes.  Great for canning or freezing.  Distributed August/September as available.


Salsa share - $55

20lb tomatoes, 2.5lb mixed peppers, 3lb onions, 1 bunch cilantro, 1 bunch basil, 2 bulbs garlic, and recipe.


Potato share - $35

25lb bag of potatoes, delivered in fall.


Kale share - $25

8lb box of kale, with freezing instructions.


Pesto share - $15

1lb fresh basil, 1 bulb garlic, recipe.


Kraut Share - $35

35lb box of cabbage 



3) Thirdly, are you interested in any add-ons?  Our current partner share offerings consist of various bread and treat shares available in partnership with Duluth's Best Bread.  If you are interested in other local food options, please contact us directly and we would be happy to recommend our favorite local sources.



Bread and treat shares from Duluth's Best Bread


  • Only available at Duluth pick up sites.  
  • Made from four ingredients flour, salt, water, wild yeast.
  • Cold fermented and baked with high heat and high moisture for a true crust and soft, chewy interior.  The wild yeast gives it a natural tanginess and makes it a mild sourdough.
  • Bread shares made with organic flour (the treat shares are not).
  • For more information about Duluth's Best Bread and the Bread and Treat shares, please contact them directly.  Be sure mention you will be getting it through Northern Harvest Farm.  


Weekly bread shares (18 weeks)

1lb loaf - $128

2lb loaf - $178


Every other week bread share (9 weeks)

If you are an every other week CSA member, we will be sure to coincide your bread share with you CSA share.

1lb loaf - $64

2lb loaf - $89


Treat share (only available in every other week (9 weeks))








Fall Share - $150






  • 4 boxes of organic vegetables from our farm (starts immediately following end of Summer shares).
  • Fall shares are only available for pick up at the Farm, Peace Church, and Coppertop pick up sites.
  • All other aspects of the fall share are exactly the same as the summer share.  Think of it as just adding another 4 weeks to your CSA experience. 

Every other week Fall Share - $80

  • 2 boxes of organic vegetables from our farm 
  • Exactly the same Fall share, but delivered every other week.  

2) Next, decide if you would like the veggies to keep coming through the fall?  

Hi!  I'm Farmer Rick, and I would love to be your farmer.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. 


Not sure if CSA is right for you?  Not sure which share(s) would best suit you? 


I am happy to try and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Please don't hesitate to call, email, text... you can even Instant message me on facebook if that is easiest for you.  Here is my personal email address and phone number:


Perhaps you are thinking, "Okay, that all sounds great, but how exactly does this work?  How do I sign up?   How do I pick up my share(s)?  How do I pay for it?"









Fill out the order formChoose which share(s) you would like, as well as which pick up site you'd like to pick up at (here is a list of pick up sites and times). 


Pick up days are every Wednesdays (or every other), beginning June 16th.  


Please note:  Once you submit your order, you will not get an immediate email confirmation.  We will send one personally when we process your order.  This may be the same day, or it may be a day or two later.

Send in a deposit for your share.  We require a $50 deposit to hold your share.  Please send it within 10 days of filling out the order form.  We accept check, money order, cash, or Venmo.  Remaining balance is due by June 1st.  

Watch for emails from the farm Before the season begins, we will send you a copy of this season's Member Handbook, which will have all the details to help you have a smooth and successful CSA experience.  You will also receive our weekly newsletter, beginning the Tuesday evening preceding the first pick up date.

What our members are saying...

"We love our CSA share from Northern Harvest Farm! Somehow they are able to provide wider diversity in produce in half the growing season than our CSA that we had in Utah! Awesome!"
- Laura 
"It's like Christmas! Getting that box full of yummy veggies!"
- Rhonda


What's going to be in my box?

Check out Farmer Rick's instagram account to see photos of unboxes CSA shares.  This should give you a sense of what you can expect from week to week.  If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

With the CSA Sampler Share from Northern Harvest Farm, you will received 2 or 4 (your choice) deliveries of fresh, local, organic produce. You will receive our weekly email newsletter throughout the course of the CSA season. You will have access to our private CSA member facebook group, and you will have access to early bird pricing for the 2022 CSA season.

Four things to consider:

1) Do I want a weekly box, or every other week?

2) Do I want to extend my deliveries into the fall?

3) Do I want to add bread?

4) Do I want anything in bulk for canning or freezing? 


Please note:  All of our Summer and Fall Shares are sold out for 2021.  In order to ensure the highest possible quality and consistency for our members, we have to put a limit on the number of CSA shares we can offer.  However, we deeply value your interest in our farm and would like to offer you the opportunity to see what it's like to be a CSA member with Northern Harvest Farm.